Lebanese Association

For Digital Transformation

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LADT is a non-profit organization that has been set up to promote the comprehensive digital transformation adoption across the public and private sectors in the Republic of Lebanon.

The Lebanese Association For Digital Transformation (LADT) registered by the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities with official number 988 at May 9, 2018.



We create a cross-disciplinary discourse between private enterprises, public sector organisations, academia and individuals to overcome the hype and to help develop conscious and impactful applications. The fourth industrial revolution is at our doorstep and we are here to guide it in the right direction.



LADT will provide education, training and consultation and facilitate relevant activities through building a cohesive network of experts and organizations connecting regulators, policymakers, fintech experts, educators and technology entrepreneurs, with the objective of provoking Lebanon to become one of the leading nations in Digital Technology arena by benchmarking exemplary standards.


The Key focus areas are:


* Blockchain | Cryptocurrency | Tokenization

* Internet of Things | Smart Cities

* Artificial Intelligence | Big Data







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Ms. Al Rifai is the first Lebanese woman to accomplish her Digital Currency Certificate in 2015 at University of Nicosia. Where by; She has set in concrete her know-how, financial expertise and passion into organizing a Bitcoin and Blockchain community in Lebanon and has been organizing events and performing presentations on the subject matter.

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Dr. Hilal is a public speaker, Fintech and Blockchain professional, security technologist and cryptography expert. 



LADT is the product of evangelists who have been passionate about empowering the Lebanese ecosystem with their resources and capabilities. A milestone has been accomplished through the “Bitcoin & Blockchain Beirut Labs”;

A community/think-tank which has been the voice of Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency in Lebanon since 2015. Monthly meetups were held since then to bridge the gap of education and awareness where we materialized an eclectic panel comprising academics, programmers, technology entrepreneurs, experienced financial consultants, and journalists. It was decided that the ultimate method to make significant progress would be by forming this association.



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